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Here's some of my favorite songs from the bands that I've had the privilege of producing at my studio in Carol Stream IL. - John

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released December 4, 2010

All Songs recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at Melody Sunrise Studio by John Gray except where noted

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Melody Sunrise Studio Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: KnowledgeBorn07 - 27 Miles
27 miles in the devils shoes
feel like I got nothing, nothing left to lose
lost my smile my friend
and I gained the blue
came to the cross roads, which way do I choose


The souls are worn out
You can take them back
The hearts been torn out
And the sky is black
But through the darkness I can see there is a ray of light
Shining through us, it is the way of life
Free from hate and free from war

I'll just try to do my own damn thing
that's why I'm in this booth
that's why I try to sing
and I will try to keep that positive path
you can like me or you can turn your back


I don't care what other people think
I'm gonna try, I'll just try to sing
And I'm gonna do it straight from my soul
You know, yes yes you know
Cause I love, oh yes I love

keep your head up high
reach for the sky
every time

(Johnny Cosmic)

I saw the light from your eyes
wish I could give it back
my hearts been torn out
and there aint no way to put it back

cause love is everything
Track Name: KnowledgeBorn07 - Dead Willow Blues (ft. P.Tugz, Popa Wu)
(P.Tugz and Johnny Cosmic)

Not wasting time
Can't spare a dime
Trying to shake these dead willow blues
The scene from my window
Sorrow and sinful
What is a man to do?
Where do we go?
We're gonna find the one
Ask all the questions, demand the answers
Run till our time has come


the populations procrastinatin
from tribulation to realization
as fascination blinds this nation
with visual sensations that act as sedation
back to the plantation
of the new world order space station
for the future enslavement
of all unified nations
we're just like rats in these cages
as they start the inflation
on anybody that has no blood relation
just ask a mason
and a combination of political leaders
who meet in private conversation
notice I speak without hesitation
cause if they come after me
I'll dodge em like the matrix


Not wasting time
Can't spare a dime
Trying to shake these dead willow blues
The scene from my window
Sorrow and sinful
What is a man to do?
Where do we go?
We're gonna find someone
Ask all the questions, demand the answers
Run till our time has come


how can I communicate
relate with the abstract minded
I leave you blinded by dimensions that I'm findin
with no traces
I lace these kids up like braces
to walk how I strut and take what I created
like the matrix
I hold time in the palm of my hand
and you take shots at me from hills of distant lands
who's the man
I want his head chopped and delivered
for blasphemin against the most high
I send shivers down the spines
of these cartoon characters like blizzards
to leave em frost bitten and
lose their limbs like trees withered
you wont see the sun until you stop whining
I spent years buildin my castle
to hang my art of rhyme in
I'll put this flag on top of this mountain so start climbin
cause honestly I won't be around for people to find it


Not wasting time
Can't spare a dime
Trying to shake these dead willow blues
The scene from my window
Sorrow and sinful
What is a man to do?
Where do we go?
We're gonna find someone
Ask all the questions, demand the answers
Run till our time has come

(Johnny Cosmic)

war is over, war is over, war is over
that’s what I pray as I clutch this 4 leaved clover
the writing on the wall, come closer
we’ll tear it down
crumble, crumble crash bulldozers
hit so hard shake your skull and cross bone
at the darkest hour you’ll feel so alone
but what you couldn’t see will now be illuminated
hope to live to see the day
and I’ll use my last breath to say
(wish I could say)
the war for your mind is over
(wish I could say)
the war for your life is over
(wish I could say)
the war for your soul is over
(wish I could tell you)

(Popa Wu)

It's all good though....
Track Name: They Go Up - So Long Princess
i woke up, i'm happy to say. i got a pretty pretty, pretty hard day ahead of me. and first on the list, well shut up and move our shit. its first on the list because im sick of this. im breaking the silence, i've silenced my guns, relieve the captain, hey captain your done. bring on the angels but the devil has won. and next on the list. we'll shut up and plead the fifth. whos the accompalice but i am, i am my own myth. And nothing is done until im dead and gone, cant burn my out im alive like the sun. beneath your sheets your a sweaty mess, slow down your mind wont you give it a rest.
Track Name: Notebook Noise - Nerd Word Nook (Ft. P.Tugz, Phillip Morris, Tim Bologna)
The subject matter is not always the same, there is canvas art and the art out of the frame. If the medium starts to get too large, then the venue gets bigger and so goes the charge. Supply and demand of the art supply, Keep the fruit fresh, but never too up high. Don't let em' get it before it's ripe, and always stay on the better side of hype. Crossword clever, might take ya a bit, No debonair gear here, had to pick wit. Up in the studio workin from the beat seat, Mother Brain, Melody...Sunrise beat suite. No lab coat but it'd be cool to wear a tie, you can go to hell and you can just die. Butt-scratcher, butt-scratcher one dollar, Boy that Lois gets me hot under the collar. From outerspace denizen, to cartoon poon, most potent medicine found on the spoon, from innerspace requiem, to rhymebook hook, most potent flows from the nerd word nook.


In the northwest suburbs, born in rain. On the microphone is how I usually get paid. Barely making ends meet, somehow supporting all my habits, baggin' up the haters will that be paper or plastic? I’m old school like no fear, and headgear. Growing pains from families feuding it’s a full house Mr.Belvedere Here’s the spoon plug your nose so you don’t taste this…Tupac’s still alive and he’s living in my basement. Abracadabra you’re my only friend abazaba, always got a birds eye, there’s no need for that ladder. Nice car it don’t matter cause I’m leasing a Saturn. Hunting for the cougars, I got a sack full of panthers. No manners…yes…that’s us right here! Flipped birds in the mirror are much closer than they appear. It’s the Mother Brain Zoo…I thought you knew, let the hook ride while I drop the kids off at the pool

(Phillip Morris)

Life's truly a bitch, I found a niche like Nietzsche while staring into the abyss, I've got an itch to scratch and a bone to pick swollen wrists, check the way the microphone is gripped it's a black man with white knuckles, a right to the stomach, who knows? You might buckle. I sound exactly like trouble, you might double back when I’m keepin' it poppin' like bubble wrap (Fuck is that?) You can have the upper hand, I’m underhanded anyways, you already know that I don't fight fair. I plant chronic in your kids lunchboxes, anonymously calling the cops it's obnoxious (what the blood clot?) run Mach 6 lyrics collide inside of this mindless mosh pit, fuck being diplomatic, perdition is tragic, but your plan's gettin' shot down like Crispus Attucks

(Timmy B)

if I were you, I’d go ahead and smash my glasses, kick my ass, hand me an aspirin, call me a fat kid. Wasn’t ready for the wedgy. ya was sendin' my Hanes up my ass-crack, just cause I was trendy and lame. Couldn’t extract that, in fact, yo they been there all day. Gotta stinker on my finger, go to flip her the bird, instead I flick her some turds, word? Learn later that a fat cracka is a happy masturbator with Cheetos cheese dust on deez nuts. Perpetually perverted, nerdy, flirtin' with the dirty, purdy girlies in their early thirties. No worry, no need to be shook. Why? Notebook Noise breakin' buds on the nerd word nook, P.Tugz breakin' buds on the nerd word nook, Phillip Morris breakin' buds on the nerd word nook, Wigum breakin' buds on the nerd word nook.
Track Name: Fluid Minds - Get That Heat
Invade my mind, think about you all the time
From rise to bed, in the corners of my head
There you like to stay and I come up and waste the day
Everything I wanted to, I could never say

Hiding away, forget about the day
Calm my head, at the corner of my bed
Hop in the car and lets get away
All that she ever wanted to, she can always say

And my feelings explode
And I get that heat from you


One day I’ll blow you away
Track Name: G-DuB - This Time Around
I just became content with constant discontent,
Feeln so comforble, feelin so miserable, young but so damn old,
the friendly things u said to me, turned this frown upsidedown,
and the energy u give me could turn this bus around,
This time... We'll Enjoy the ride

Now that i've gotten just a little,
got hope and i, wanna make it right again,
you are my friend, help me let it go
i got it right in front of my eyes
these moments in time
dont let em pass you bye

Just need your conversation
let go, of all our reservations
your all i know, and its just so natural
just gimme that one good reason
to keep on breathn this time around

well i Just became complacent,
with the same old conversation,
Grown to Tolerate depression,
when i looked at my reflection,
Face the Face, a friend to me
but Holdn back, an enemy
U Open up my mind, leave all my wars behind,
Open up my eyes, see everything for the first time, Again...
But all i need is..

One more try, its always better the second time,
gimme hope tonight, i want to make it right again,
this loVe i found, The second time around,
hidding right in front of our eyes, these moments in time
Don't let it pass u bye

Just need your conversation
let go, of all our reservations
your all i know, and its just so natural
just gimme that one good reason
i wont let you down, this time around

just trust your intuition
let go of all our inhibitions
and All I NEED is somethn to belive in
YOU give me that One good reason
to keep on breathn
This Time ArounD
Track Name: KnowledgeBorn07 - Necessarius
if your gonna leave please take your things
cause I don't want to be haunted by these memories
and when you walk out that door don't you say a thing
because the words that are said
just might make me bleed
i don't want another lover, no that's not me
aint got no lovers undercover, just honesty
and I'm sick of the lies and the promising
and I'm sick of all the hurt that this drama brings
I'll keep my head above water so I can breath
I'll fight for Freedom Truth and Rights and Equality
and when its my time to go and Gods callin Me
I'll lay my sword down with honor and take a knee
fold my hands and pray for all the friends I leave
and hopefully see the pearly gates opening
when sadness falls down like rain
know that I'll push the sun out of the clouds
just to heal your pain

(KnowledgeBorn07, Johnny Cosmic, King David Schultz and Angie Klockie)

There's a thin line between love and hate
And sometimes we are blind and cannot relate
I gotta pick up all the pieces even though I'm drained
Because the way things are going we all need a change

(KnowledgeBorn07 and Johnny Cosmic)

do we piece this back together or just walk away
how can you point the finger
when there's no one to blame
do you accept what you've done and realize mistakes
can you accept forgiveness or is it to late?
did we act out of anger and instigate
this final outcome of love and hate
can we change the past with future roads we pave
or are we stuck in this cycle and
headed towards our grave
we gotta believe in each other even though its scary
I really think that this way is so necessary
at one time in my life I thought we would be married
we lived so care free and our love was daring
now its to the point that I cannot find
the reason that were here and to this im blind
we need to step back and press rewind
but unfortunately I think we're running out of time


There's a thin line between love and hate
And sometimes we are blind and cannot relate
I gotta pick up all the pieces even though I'm drained
Because the way things are going we all need a change

(Johnny Cosmic)

one love
one life
underneath one sky
set us free
Track Name: Fluid Minds - Edge Of The Sky (ft. KnowledgeBorn07)
What does it mean to me?
Does it have the power to set my soul free?
I wanna get next to her,
She sings a sweeter song than any other bird
I'm down and out
I'm on my knees
Hear me plead I need, I need, I need
And guidance to be true
Cause my thoughts are wrapped in darkness
And I don’t know what to do

When you fall off track remember that we got you
This is a brotherhood helping out with the way
We spot you
But you haven't seen life through my eyes
Honestly in the morning, when I wake up
It’s getting harder and harder to try
Understand that you gotta keep movin' forward
Learning from the past like Sankofa
Just keep flying toward your goals
And remember to set each one high
Giving each your best
The only limit you got is the sky

You've got to make up your mind
Don't let nobody hold you down this time
You've got to spread those wings and fly
And don't stop 'til you reach the edge of the sky

The pressure is on
All this on my shoulders makes my heart weigh a ton
Give me the strength to go on
I'm trying to be a king, but i feel more like a pawn
But I’ll bleed to succeed
I'd risk everything just to make you believe in
So believe in me, hear me plead
I need, I need, I need love

Track Name: Notebook Noise - Chronic Snooper
Chronic snooper, where ya gonna be tonight…Where ya gonna be tonight
Ya thought everything was kool in the gang, Messing around trying to do your thang. Actin a fool trying to get you some, After all that looking', couldn't find a crumb. You know what happens when you assume, By talking that mess, you done met your doom. What since you spent the night at my place? Now you got the right to trudge through myspace. Who's that girl? How is she your friend?
I always answered straight, I didn’t once pretend. I told ya from the start I don’t play no games, But a lotta girls know me as Mr. Thaddeus James. Damn girl, ya sure tried hard, To play me to the left and try and pull my card. I walk outside; you’re driving down my street, Ya must be out ya mind to call that discreet. My sharp tongue caught ya by surprise, And left ya sitting in a stew of your own lies.
Do unto others baby, let me be, Or poke at the tiger and make me angry. I lit ya up before and I'll do it again, You’re a chronic snooper girl; you’re not my friend.
Everything with you was a plot and a scheme, So tonight add this song to your self-esteem.